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We build your
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IoT Models & Market Segments Strategy
Marketing, Channel & Segments Strategy

Assess how your business environment is being (or could be) transformed by the IoT. 
If you are an IoT "Enabler",  "Engager or "Enhancer",
what endpoints, hubs, and services are already being sold in your market? The more IoT activity that already exists in your industry, as it does in energy, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and home-related sectors, the more rapidly you will have to move.

IoT Product & Service Go-to-Market Planning
Products & Services

Commercialization of IoT requires a different go-to-market strategy — one that focuses on outcomes, builds on educating buyers and cultivating channel partners, and involves a larger, more diverse group of stakeholders than in the past. Connecting products and services to deliver deeper insights and outcomes sounds easy; however, it's markedly complex to successfully achieve.

IoT Ecosystem & Service Delivery Development
Partners, Alliances & Ecosystem Development

Accelerate the development of your IoT ecosystem with a focus on interoperability and usability, data access and security, connectivity, and market development. Access business development opportunities up and down the value chain and IoT solutions stack, including partners, suppliers, strategic alliances, sales/integration/distribution channels, potential acquisition targets, and investors.

Internet of Things (IoT) Marketing Agency

A New Kind

of IoT Agency.


IoT is Transforming the World Through Unprecedented Digitization

Everything that can be digitized or automated... will be. "Smart, connected products"​ have unleashed a new era of competition. Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices will come to dominate our cities, homes, vehicles, offices, and factories. 


Turn Disruption & Change into Opportunity & Advantage

Those companies that choose a smart and thoughtful approach to bringing their devices and services to the market will have the best shot at thriving in the world of IoT.


Mobile apps and data analytics. Sensors and gateways. Network and cloud services. Every IoT application is built on an ecosystem of hardware, software, and cloud services that turn data into intelligence. No single technology or service provider can supply all the necessary building blocks.

Grow Faster & Smarter with ​Rampwise

History is littered with once-mighty industries that were toppled by innovation.  The "best technology" doesn't always win. The best "go-to-market" does! 

There is a powerful convergence of marketing & technology, brands are no longer built through advertising, but through EXPERIENCES.


To unlock growth, marketing organizations need a new breed of agency—one that is part business consultancy, part creative agency, and part technology livewire to enable them to design, build and run the best experiences on the planet.


A well-thought-out approach to partner & alliance strategies, ecosystem & channel partners and the integration of disparate technical elements, and a high degree of collaboration among organizations are crucial to the success of IoT initiatives.  

The Buyer Experience Challenge

Want more customers?  Changing perception and behavior is hard.  Both humans and organizations resist change until they have to. Like smoking or another indulgent vice, often they won’t change until it threatens their very existence. Similarly, changing impressions, or any offsetting brand experiences, in the minds of prospects and customers is a challenge.


What's changed? When it comes to perceptions and experiences in marketing, "value-graphics" are more important than demographics. What do they care about?
What are their values? Community psyche & confirmation biases drive buying behavior.


Today it's all about delivering valuable, positive experiences consistently to win attention, hearts & minds.


Cultivating Value & Connection

We're not your typical marketers.  We revel in marketing because we enjoy intensively focusing on building connections and jointly delivering value beyond "awareness" and "leads". Helping organizations not only grow fast but wisely with partners, communities, and loyal "raving fans".


Our gift of ramping growth via creative storytelling, insightful go-to-market, and smart partner strategies flows from our
extensive cross-industry and cross-functional experience that
underpins our "holistic" strategic vision, "streetwise" insights, and "collaborative" approach.


We create effective go-to-market (GTM), growth, and expansion strategies and campaigns from a voice-of-customer (VOC) and stakeholder "meme" messaging lens. Our methodology focuses on worldviews, values, trusted industry alliances, and evolving media engagement habits, supercharged with marketing automation, CRM, and artificial intelligence (AI).


Want to learn more?



Digital - Web - Mobile - PR - Strategy

Cross-industry & Cross-portfolio 

Strategic Marketing & Go-to-Market

Business Planning & Development

Branding, Positioning & Messaging

Strategic Partnerships & Alliance

Products & Services Launch

Website Development & SEO

Video Production Management

Optimized Content Marketing

Event Planning & Management

Analyst & Media Relations


Channel Distribution

Custom Webinars

Lead Generation

Public Relations

Demand Gen

Social Media













Mobile Apps


Remote Monitoring

Fleet Management

Distracted Driving

Intelligent Transportation

Wireless Communications

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predictive Analytics

Connectivity & Platforms

Provisioning & Billing

Machine Learning

Gateways & Routers

Industrial Internet (IIoT)

Asset Tracking

Smart Cities

Intelligent Sensors

Enabler, Engager, or Enhancer
GTM Strategy
Grow Faster


Year Established


Projects Completed




Awards Won


RAMPWISEmarketing advisory expertise stems from serving multi-segments spanning companies in the following sectors and disciplines: IoT - AI - B2B - B2C - M2M, MOBILE APPS, SOFTWARE, HARDWARE, CLOUD, WIRELESS OEM's/MNO's/MVNO's, FLEET, TELEMATICS, TRANSPORTATION, AEROSPACE, ENERGY, OIL & GAS, HEALTHCARE, MANUFACTURING, AGRICULTURE and BUILDING AUTOMATION. 


iOS & Android Mobile Apps

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

UX design. Industry-leading ease-of-use!

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Pay-as-you-Go. Visibility. Productivity. Control. Auto-updates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Business Intelligence. Big data. Machine learning. Risk analysis. Anomaly detection. Normalization. Analytics. Prediction. Hyper-automation (scale).

Connected Vehicle Telematics

Connected Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle location tracking. 360-degree fleet view. Fuel consumption. Driver behavior. ELD compliance. Maintenance diagnostics. Real-time updates & alerts.

Mobility, Transit & Intelligent Transportation

Mobility, Transit & Intelligent Transportation

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). Ride-sharing. Autonomous vehicles. Automated transit networks (ATN). Railroad automatic train control (ATC).

Smart Cities & Smart Communities

Smart Cities & Smart Communities

Smart mobility. Smart parking. Utility - energy, power, water, wastewater, environmental DCS (distributed control systems) & SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Video security. Emergency services & FirstNet.

Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

Increase safety & productivity while reducing liabilities & costs. Fleet & field SaaS & mobile Apps: Driver behavior analytics. Distracted driving mitigation. InsurTech & UBI (usage-based insurance).

Industry Awards & Influencers

Industry Awards & Influencers

Industry award submissions. Identifying & engaging influencers. Tradeshow partnership & trade group alliance development. Lead generation. Media, board & public relations (PR).

IoT Provisioning & Billing

IoT Provisioning & Billing

Wireless wide area network (WWAN) Connectivity (3G / 4G / 5G). Mobile network operators (MNO) + mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) relations & partnership execution.

Driving Behavior Scores

Driving Behavior Scores

Driving behavior analytics & artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML). Drive events & telematics, smartphone GPS & accelerometer, fast acceleration, harsh braking, swerving, environment context data. Application programming interfaces (API) & software development kits (SDK).

Distracted Driving Management

Distracted Driving Management

Mobile Apps / SaaS. Distracted driving prevention & mitigation.

IoT / M2M Routers & Gateways

IoT / M2M Routers & Gateways

Commercial-grade / Enterprise gateways & routers. Sensor & edge-to-cloud connectivity. Protocol bridging. Network security. Virtual private networks (VPN). Device management portals. 3G, 4G, 5G LTE-M / NB1-IoT LTE.

Tradeshows, Industry Events & Expos

Tradeshows, Industry Events & Expos

Event planning & management. Live demos. Booth design, messaging & graphics. Lead gen & capture.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

Telemetry. Industrial automation. SCADA. Sensors & meters (remotely monitoring temperature, flow, usage, tank level, etc.). Public utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas, smart cities. MQTT & NIST cybersecurity framework.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Cloud computing services. Multitenant. AWS. Google. Mobile PaaS (mPaaS). Mobile device management (MDM). Back office connectivity & services provisioning automation and usage-based billing.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Fourth industrial revolution: IoT + M2M + 5G. Smart factory (manufacturing 4.0): industrial internet, connected enterprise, smart manufacturing, smart sensors, prdeictive maintenance, IoE (internet of everything).

Plastics Packaging Manufacturing

Plastics Packaging Manufacturing

Consumer & industrial packaging manufacturing: Grocery & merchandise bags, buckets, bottles (Dial, Clorox), tubes (P&G), multi-layer food barrier films, diapers, drip irrigation, healthcare - absorption pads & sharps containers, thermoplastic resin distribution: Polyethylene (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE), polypropylene (PP) , polystyrene (PS), ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, Kevlar, Nomex, protection solutions for the airline, aerospace, defense, energy, industrial & transportation (EIT) markets.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream, downstream retail & dealers - oil & natural gas producers (well drilling), gasoline (transport), petrochemical & polymer (manufacturering & distribution): SCADA remote, real-time monitoring & control, location, utilization, safety, status, compliance & maintenance automation.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Industrial edge, wireless base stations, gateways, routers & programmable logic controllers (PLC), HMI rugged panel PC operator GUI (graphical user interface). Oil & gas pipelines & wells. Utility. Building automation. IoT apps.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Avoid downtime. Increase efficiency & productivity. Define rules, thresholds & alerts. Customizable dashboards.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Real-time fleet visibility. Routing & dispatch. Optimized routes. Respond rapidly to changing conditions. Reduce fuel costs & risky driving. ELD (electronic logging devices) compliance. Outward-facing cameras witness accidents. Driver-facing cameras see distracted or drowsy driving. Minimize downtime, improve parts lifespan & maintenance costs.

Intelligent Smart Sensors

Intelligent Smart Sensors

Smart sensors: temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, torque, pressure, tilt, motion, acceleration, speed, velocity, volume, flow, pressure, voltage, load, lux, levels, condition, open/close, location, position, proximity, machine vision.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM strategies - right SaaS fit for growth stage. 360 customer-centric views. Set up sales processes. Integrate with digital marketing. Better sales performance & increased profitability with scalability & efficiency. Faster tactical decision-making & ability to manage pipelines. Mobile CRM - optimize mobility.

LTE Cat-M1

LTE Cat-M1

Long Term Evolution (4G), category M1. Low‑power wide‑area (LPWA) IoT & M2M devices with medium data rate requirements. Longer battery life & greater in‑building range compared to 2G, 3G or LTE Cat 1.

Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Senet, LinkLabs, Ingenu. Wireless wide area network (WWAN) 3G, 4G, 5G LTE (long term evolution). Low power wide area network (LPWAN): LoRaWAN, RPMA, SigFox, 3GPP, LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT. GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth®. Base stations (eNode B), towers, antennas, repeaters, amplifiers, filters, MIMO, active array, PICO, Microcell, in-building & outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), cell-on-wheels (COW).

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

Optimized for IoT connectivity. Device management and monitoring. SIm Provisioning. Extended battery life.



NOCELL Postcard (Aug2019)-02

Smartphone distracted driving management platform.

Motion Behavior

Smartphone/Telematics Driving Behavior AI-powered platform creates seamless and enterprise-friendly user experiences throughout workflow cycles.

Smart Building Automation

IoT Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Asset Tracking & Service Workflow

GPS fleet & asset tracking software & services monitors location and reports information to manage fuel usage, equipment utilization, events & maintenance notifications, and driver behavior, etc.

IoT Auto-Provision & Usage Billing

Automate provisioning and the order to cash process for IoT subscription-based products, applications and services.

Industrial IoT Mobile Apps

Connect industrial assets, products, enterprise data, processes, workflows to realize the true benefits of IoT with a mobile experience, maximizing manufacturing uptime using intelligent workflows.

CalAmp Solutions Provider Network

Global provider of networked telematics products & services, IoT software applications, cloud services, data intelligence, edge computing devices and SaaS applications for remotely tracking and managing vehicles, contents, and assets.

Precision Farming

Precision agriculture IoT green technologies that affect production and farm management, optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources (energy, water, fertilizer, etc.).


Rave CRM is a a smart client on-demand sales optimization solution that features a rich, visually immersive user interface (UI) powered by Sparkle(TM), a breakthrough UI platform.

Memorex IntelliMover Software

Consumer & small business software utility that transfers data easily and quickly from one PC to another with special USB & patented bi-directional parallel cables.





IoT is complex, vast, and fast-moving. As organizations embark on new IoT initiatives and work to extract more insight-- new strategies, partners, alliances, systems, processes, frameworks, and approaches are called for.
RAMPWISE™ accelerates speed-to-market, strategic focus, and keeps companies relevant and profitable in an era of rapid digital disruption by providing key value-creation services:
* Segment Strategy & Marketing Plans
* Go-to-Market & Business Development
* Customer Experience & User Interface Design (UX/UI)
* Brand Identity, Awareness & Thought Leadership
* Demand, Lead Gen & Buyer Journey Engagement
* Strategic Partnerships & Alliances Expansion
* Ecosystem Development & Services Delivery
* In-Person & Virtual Event Marketing Execution
* Wireless Connectivity, Billing & Subscription Management

We are on a quest to connect virtually everything around us to create a better and safer world for all of us!



Our mission is to fulfill your growth dreams beyond
what you think is possible by enhancing your:


Competitive Advantage

Positioning & Market Share

Revenue & Profitability

Brand Loyalty & Value

by being the go-to resource to: 

Profile Portrait


Hone your vision

Red Ibis


Build your differentiation strategy

Story Time


Refine your unique brand story

Painting Wall


Design your brand identity

Self Video Recording


Broaden your reach & demand

Business meeting


Unlock the power of alliances & partnerships

Image by Mindaugas Skrupskelis


Accelerate your execution


At RAMPWISE, we believe in a truly interconnected and collaborative world where things – IoT devices, applications & systems—and people collaborate together to create more valuable and meaningful outcomes.

We believe in the connected economy and the convergence value of data – application programming interfaces (API), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI)—which can generate higher productivity, increase economic value, and create a better and safer world for all of us.


Success & Commitment: Agencies traditionally focus on customer satisfaction; RAMPWISE focuses on "customer success". We are "in it to win it" with you.

Results & Excellence: Achieving tangible, positive results are built into the DNA of our company.  We strive for success by raising the bar for ourselves, our clients and for the IoT market.

Speed & Quality: We’re always hustling with a sense of urgency. In our clients' technology businesses - speed matters. And while fast is better than slow, we will not compromise on quality.



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