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What's Your "STORY"?

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Profitable Marketing Is About "BRAND STORIES"

“It’s not what ‘you say you are’… it’s what your customers ‘experience and share about you’ in the long run... that's YOUR BRAND!”

- Bob Newkirk

Every business has a brand, whether explicitly well-defined or not.

Brands deliver an emotional connection to a business's products and services.

The important question to be answered is how remarkable is your brand?

Most purchase decisions have critical emotional components.

The most effective brands are built around a “STORY” that has an emotional connection.

Stories that are authentic, connect, and engage, ultimately engender loyalty.

Your brand story represents a collection of:

  • Your customers’ perceptions of how they see your company

  • How they feel about your products, people, and service

  • And ultimately what they say about the company, fuels your brand!

Your brand communicates every time it touches a customer.

This makes you responsible for every ‘moment of truth’ touchpoint.


  1. Starbucks’ Story - Uplifting moments, community connection, a meeting place between home & work

  2. Disney’s Story - Bringers of joy, magical fantasy, affirmers of good

Your brand story needs to be unique and memorable.

While it sounds clear-cut, it's not easy being different!

Changes in technologies and values have pushed us into a fundamentally different world.

It is very difficult in a world where customers have precious little time to listen.

Achieving creativity in your brand story and marketing messages delivery is essential to winning your customers’ choices, and then their loyalty.

Ingenuity to drive success is the crux of an integrated marketing strategy and messages that will be heard, remembered, and, most important, talked about.

Have you ever expressed feelings about your favorite brands and questioned why they are favorites?

It is a key exercise we often use with our clients. This exercise helps evaluate what should be the heart of your company’s essential brand identity by examining the best of the best.

What’s your story?

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